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Headshot of Vanessa Madden
BSc Hons

Vanessa Madden

Director of Portfolio Development

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Vanessa is responsible for the strategic development of faculty research portfolios and grant proposals within the PAIR Center, as well as standing up newly funded projects and external research partnerships. Vanessa joined Penn in 2013 to manage several clinical trials within the Fostering Improvement in End-of-Life Decision Science (FIELDS) program and then directed the Project Management Core. She is a PAIR Center Steering Committee member, graduate of Penn’s LeadingSuccess® program, and is experienced in the management of multi-site clinical trials, large retrospective datasets, and qualitative studies.

Vanessa has undertaken health services research since 2001, with a particular focus on palliative care during her time at the Institute for Child Health Policy at the University of Florida where she co-edited the book, Pediatric Palliative Care: Global Perspectives. Vanessa originates from Australia, where she worked for a state public health service and then for five years at the Department of General Practice at the University of Melbourne.

Vanessa lives with her husband, two children, and feisty cat in Chestnut Hill, some 10,194 miles from her favorite beach in Swansea, Tasmania. She is a proud swim and soccer mum.