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Opportunities for Health Systems

We collaborate with healthcare systems and organizations across the country to test interventions in large clinical trials to form a robust evidence base about how best to care for seriously ill patients.

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Health system partners for real-world research

All of our work aims to improve patient care, but to generate the evidence needed to do so requires sophisticated, often large, studies. Our commitment to high-quality research demands robust samples, real-world health care partners, and randomized designs.

We conduct studies across the rapidly growing Penn Medicine network, and have partnered with numerous other large healthcare systems including Kaiser Permanante, Ascension, Atrium, Geisinger, and Trinity Health. These partnerships not only enable us to conduct some of the largest studies ever, but produce evidence about what works and what doesn’t when applied in the places in which most Americans receive their care. Furthermore, we test ways to improve health care delivery that our scalable. When our research identifies solutions, these solutions can be permanently adopted by hospitals or entire health systems.

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If you are a leader at a healthcare organization and would like to learn more about partnership opportunities, please contact Elizabeth Cooney-Zingman at

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