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Care Delivery and Outcomes

Improving serious illness care delivery and developing patient-centered outcome measures.


PAIR Center investigators explore how patients experiencing serious illnesses—and the sudden medical crises that often complicate such illnesses—can best achieve the outcomes they care about. Our faculty’s lived experience in patient care informs our work. We study phenomena seen day in and day out in hospitals, outpatient clinics, and community settings around the country, and take pride in tackling the most vexing problems we see. Through our work, we seek to improve the responsiveness of health care delivery to the multiple and often nuanced goals of seriously ill patients and to ensure that health care resources are delivered equitably and efficiently.

PAIR Center investigators:

Design and test simple interventions that improve acute care approaches and help reduce the time patients spend in the hospital.

Employ innovative methodologies to interrogate large data sets from Penn Medicine and other health systems around the nation.

Evaluate new technologies and staffing models that may better meet the needs of an aging population.

Our investigators also recognize that measuring success is challenging in serious illness care research. We strive to be the world leaders in developing and testing new outcome measures that can be assessed reliably and matter deeply to patients and their loved ones.

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