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Erich Dress

Project Manager

Erich Dress

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Erich Dress is a Project Manager at the PAIR Center, where he supports Dr. Halpern's NHLBI-funded R01 Benefits of ICU Admission for Patients with Acute Respiratory Failure or Sepsis (ICU Net-Benefits) in collaboration with Kaiser Permanente of Northern California, and the Prognosticating Outcomes and Nudging Decisions with Electronic Records in the ICU (PONDER-ICU) Trial with Carolinas HealthCare System.


Prior to joining the PAIR Center in March 2017, Erich previously worked as a clinical research coordinator in the Neuropsychiatry Section at the University of Pennsylvania, where he managed multiple NIMH-funded projects focused on early psychosis populations.


Erich received Masters of Public Health and Bioethics degrees from the University of Pennsylvania and an undergraduate degree from Susquehanna University.  Erich considers himself to be an amateur chef and participates in a Philadelphia-based acapella group. In addition, he enjoys attending concerts or spending time in one of Philadelphia’s many outdoor beer gardens.

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