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David Goldberg

Assistant Professor of Medicine and Epidemiology

David Goldberg

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Dr. David Goldberg’s primary research focus is the management and delivery of health care to patients with end-stage liver disease, and ways to improve organ donation and allocation. His research is driven by the increasing prevalence of cirrhosis and end-stage liver disease, in the face of a continued shortage of available organs for transplantation. He uses tools from epidemiology, biostatistics, health-services research and empirical bioethics to identify disparities in access to transplant and organ allocation, and to develop methods to minimize them.


Dr. Goldberg has published about disparities in the current liver transplant organ allocation system, regional disparities in access to liver transplantation, and novel ways to improve organ allocation and donation. Dr. Goldberg's work was among the first to highlight the issues of disparities in access to a liver transplant waiting list for geographically isolated patients. Dr. Goldberg has been co-leading novel clinical trials focused on transplanting organs from deceased donors infected with hepatitis C into uninfected recipients as a way to save more lives through organ transplantation while improving organ utilization.


After graduating from Brown University with a degree in Judaic Studies, Dr. Goldberg completed medical school at Mount Sinai School of Medicine, followed by a residency in Internal Medicine at New York Presbyterian Hospital-Columbia University Medical Center.


In 2008, Dr. Goldberg moved to Philadelphia, where he completed a three-year fellowship in gastroenterology. During this period, Dr. Goldberg obtained a Masters of Science in Clinical Epidemiology in the Empirical Bioethics track. He then spent a post-doctoral year performing epidemiology and health services research under Drs. Scott Halpern and James Lewis, and then completed a one-year fellowship in transplant hepatology at the University of Pennsylvania.


Dr. Goldberg has authored more than 75 peer-reviewed articles. He is an Associate Editor of Liver Transplantation. His research has been highlighted in the New York Times, Boston Globe, STAT News, and NBC Nightly News. Dr. Goldberg lives with his wife and daughter in Philadelphia.

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