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Exploring Patient Preferences in Suboptimal...

Exploring Patient Preferences in Suboptimal Outcomes after Liver Transplant


Patients undergoing high risk interventions have potential for great benefit but also risk great harm. We know little of how patients planning to undergo procedures such as liver transplantation understand the risks of suboptimal outcomes and what features of the post-transplant state matter most to them. This two-phase project will recruit a total of 45 patients who are listed for liver transplant and who are actively followed from transplant hepatology clinic at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania. In Phase I, we will interview 20 patients to determine which features of the post-transplant state were most important to them. Finally, among 25 patients in Phase II, we will use Best Worst Scaling, which will allow the most important features to compete to determine which features matter most for the individual patient. The information gained from this study will provide a way to better engage patients and understand their preferences and expectations.


  • Post-Doctoral Fellowship in Advanced Biomedical Ethics, Department of Medical Ethics and Health Policy

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