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The Habit Formation Trial of Behavioral Economic Interventions to Improve Statin Use and Reduce the Risk of Cardiovascular Disease: Rationale, Design and Methodologies.

Putt ME, Reese PP, Volpp KG, Russell LB, Loewenstein G, Yan J, Pagnotti D, McGilloway R, Brennen T, Finnerty D, Hoffer K, Chadha S, Barankay I


May 30th, 2019

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Clinical Trials

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Low adherence to statin (HMG-CoA reductase inhibitors) medication is common. Here, we report on the design and implementation of the Habit Formation trial. This clinical trial assessed whether the interventions, based on principles from behavioral economics, might improve statin adherence and lipid control in at-risk populations. We describe the rationale and methods for the trial, recruitment, conduct and follow-up. We also report on several barriers we encountered with recruitment and conduct of the trial, solutions we devised and efforts we will make to assess their impact on our study.

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