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Association Between High Discharge Rates of Vulnerable Patients and Skilled Nursing Facility Copayments.

Chatterjee P, Qi M, Coe NB, Konetzka RT, Werner RM


May 27th, 2019

Appears In

JAMA Internal Medicine

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Medicare pays for 100% of postacute care provided by skilled nursing facilities (SNFs) during the first 20 days within a benefit period. However, on the 21st day, most patients become responsible for a daily copayment of more than $150.1 This copayment may present a significant financial burden for some patients—particularly those with limited economic means—and motivate them to discharge from SNFs on the 20th day of care based on their financial resources rather than their recovery status. Skilled nursing facilities may also prematurely discharge some patients to avoid the risk of accruing bad debt from partially uncompensated postacute care. However, it is not known whether patterns of SNF discharge are associated with this change in Medicare payment responsibility on day 20.


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