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Guidance for Decisions Regarding  Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation  during  the  COVID19  Pandemic

This guidance on offering cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) during the COVID19 pandemic has been prepared by our Director, Scott Halpern MD, PhD, and colleagues at Penn as well as Dr. Doug White at the University of Pittsburgh, in an effort to promote a nationally standardized approach to these difficult decisions.

It has been approved by a team of lawyers, and has already been adopted or is being considered for adoption by hundreds of hospitals across the U.S. and internationally. Key virtues of the approach are that it preserves the norm and value of tailored decision-making for individual patients, and does not categorically exclude any class of patients from consideration. By adopting this approach, and contributing to national standardization regarding CPR during the present crisis, you can help promote public trust, patient equity, and clinician morale. And though you may consider tailoring it to local circumstances, the present version is all on one page.


Follow the link below to download guidelines:


Health System + Clinician Communiation  Toolkit for Families of COVID-19 Patients


Faculty Kate Courtright & Joanna Hart along with colleagues at Johns Hopkins University developed a toolkit of strategies for supporting family-centered inpatient care during physical distancing responsive to the current clinical climate.  Follow the links below to download materials:

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